Bouvery CV - Chocolate Liquor (375ml)

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Producer Bouvery CV
Country Uniited States
Style Chocolate
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Size 375ml


BouveryCV® is a truly remarkable, small batch artisanal chocolate liqueur. Using the highest quality cocoa, natural flavors and blended with locally produced Connecticut corn vodka, we promise to take you on a decadent, dark chocolate journey you’ve never experienced. From its 1999 inception in Notting Hill, London, Danny Bouvery’s interest in blending fine chocolate and vodka (regular occupants of his fridge) led him to experimenting and finally perfecting his secret recipe in New York. Ultimately used to gain access to the best New York parties on the condition he would bring his naughty libation, The demand for the ‘moonshine’ chocolate liqueur convinced Danny and Anabela his wife, it was time to partner with a distillery. Embarking on a six year journey of development was the final piece of the puzzle, the rest is history in the making. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you BouveryCV®, made in the USA, using the finest ingredients.

Bouvery CV Description

WHAT’S IN IT The cocoa is sourced from South America and West Africa, from which a low-fat cocoa powder is produced that gives the deep, rich dark chocolate flavor and aromas. Our premium corn vodka is from Westford Hill Distillers in Connecticut, providing the smooth alcohol bite, while the dairy component provides the rich, creamy mouth feel, viscosity and luscious texture. We recommend you shake well before opening, mixing back any settling of the real chocolate. Consuming within 12 months of opening is recommended, although storage in a cool dark place will extend shelf life, refrigeration is not required. The chocolate liqueur is temperature sensitive, hence refrigeration will thicken the liqueur - perfect for ice cream pour-overs....hmmmm. Shaking 2oz of vodka back into the bottle is the perfect way to rehydrate the liqueur if the pour becomes too viscous at room temperature. In the same instance, we recommend you pour 4oz of your favorite tipple (vodka, bourbon, coffee etc.,) into the empty bottle and shake vigoriously. This will collect any residual chocolate and give you the most delicious last drink ....yes the gift that keeps on giving.

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